Making Decisions With Your Internal Board of Directors

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Companies use them as sounding boards for big decisions so isn’t it time that you developed your own Board of Directors? Running your decisions by a group of people you admire and respect and who could look at things from various angles could yield amazing insight.

In order to get the best Board of Directors to help you, take a different route than companies do when they hire their Board. Instead, look to anyone that you’ve met, read about, or heard about and create an internal Board.  It doesn’t matter if they’re dead or alive, or even if you’ve ever talked to them directly before – you can learn from and weigh decisions with an endless supply of great leaders just by asking yourself how they would approach the question.

Make a list of people that could provide some type of insight next time you have to make a decision. Make sure the list is diverse and not just a few people from the same place, time, or focus area. Include people from your personal and professional life, as well as anyone from the history books or current new stories.  You can make your Board of Directors filled with anyone you want.

Want some examples?  

Let’s say you’re starting a new job or new business.  So what would the following people ask you, say to you, or how did what they do resemble what you am looking at doing here: Abraham Lincoln, Oprah, P.Diddy, Tony Robbins, Jack Welch, Serena Williams, Tim Ferris, Bruce Lee, Ghandi, Ariana Huffington, Ben Franklin, your super ‘successful’ Uncle who owns a smoothie stand on the beach, your social worker sister, that blog you read everyday because you think it’s great, your high school teacher that helped change your life forever, or any of your friends that might have something you know they would say that would give you something to think about.

The act of thinking how your Board would view the decision you’re facing and envisioning what each of your Board Members might say could yield you absolutely what you need in order to make the decision and set up yourself up for success.

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