Matt W. Kane

4-Hour Workweek

By Tim Ferris

Notes taken while listening.

  • parkinson’s law
  • test sales and web pages/offers by at very end saying backordered
  • contract mfg’s listed on his website
  • “Harder to create demand than it is to fill demand”
  • find niche with lots of demand then build a product for it
  • find niche and target that niche ( story)
  • create the product category for your niche (neural enhancer for his karate vitamins)
  • brickworks/your man in India
  • Exclusivity vs. everyone entering market — as more and more places get your product then then compete by lowering price and killing margin (golf shirt story of pro shops), may end up being best situation to keep exclusive for long time (MetRx)
  • Can’t legally tell distributors what they can sell price at but can put lowest advertised price in terms and conditions.
  • Find a niche – then brainstorm products specifically for that niche
  • **Never ask a question – instead propose a recommendation (Where do you want to go for dinner)
  • expert credentials – get em easy
  • FAQs reduce calls and confusion
  • Response Magazine – (resource magazine) – DR ads examples
  • JR Whitney – DR Statistics
  • Hire or outsource for FMF return messages or fix autoresponder
  • Have a dedicated space for work – or you’re always working