Matt Kane is developing global leaders and  building a culture of learning and innovation at Johnson & Johnson. His route through J&J crosses Global IT, Marketing, and Human Resources, creating a unique and diverse perspective on the business and the People.

As an HR leader, Matt harnesses his passion for improvement and drive to help others to create unforgettable experiences, safe spaces for failure, and innovative solutions for talent development and business results.

8 Things to Know About Matt

  1. Philadelphia born and raised
  2. Wears mismatching socks (ask him why)
  3. Self-described Apple and Disney fanboy
  4. INTP
  5. Loves Burning Man
  6. Co-Authored “Surge: Your Guide to Put Any Idea Into Action
  7. Excitable, imaginative, and mischievous
  8. Starts many ideas with “What If…?”



Professionally, Matt is building a culture of learning and innovation throughout Johnson & Johnson globally. And for fun, he brings awesome ideas to life for his family, friends, and community.


Talent Development

Using integrated systems, Matt develops people leaders by creating high-performance workplaces, facilitating career development processes and transitions, delivering developmental resources, and more.



Accelerating innovation and business strategies through organizational design and engagement, partner alignment, and other proven tools and frameworks.


Design Thinking Leader

Solving sticky problems through creativity, empathy, integrative thinking, and experimentation in team and cross-functional settings.


Experience Design

Creating engaging and thoughtful experiences using the principles of design thinking. Experiences include TEDxJNJ, Global Talent Programs, TEDxPhiladelphia, Dinner en Blanc, and more.



Creating learning and development opportunities for J&J and beyond. Matt shares insights and action plans in an Amazon bestselling book, online courses, and speaking engagements.



Known for high energy and helping others, Matt shares insights and action plans through an Amazon bestselling book, online courses, and speaking engagements.

Career Timeline

Below are documents mapping Matt’s career at Johnson & Johnson and his continuing education–click to see a larger version.
For a greater level of detail on Matt’s education and work experiences, visit his LinkedIn profile.


Career Summary 


Career Overview


Career Timeline


Continuing Education

Matt continually expands his thinking and brings big-picture learnings back to Johnson & Johnson. Here is a selection of institutions he has attended and certificates he holds: