Liven Up Your Next Meeting With Office Olympics

Want to keep the Olympic spirit alive across your office?  Want to make your next meeting 15X more exciting than all the others?  Office Olympics are just the thing you need to get your team energized.

Here are some example events.  I’m curious to hear which ones you could come up with:

  • Trashball: crumple up some easel paper and get a trash can.  I hope you can figure the rest out.  Make it much harder by requiring that the shooter shoot from a sitting down in chair position and move the trash can at least 5 inches away from the wall.
  • Skittles Relay: a spoon, seven skittles, a rolling chair and a stop watch.  Have competitors sit in the chair balancing the skittles on the spoon while they wheel around the room then hand off to their partner.  Time each team, shortest time wins.  If you drop a skittle that team member starts the course over.
  • Sharpie Archery: upcap a sharpie, tape a piece of easel paper to a window, draw a typical target and throw.  Making a mark in the circles closest to the center should score higher.
  • Rubber Band Shooting: lots of rubber bands, 30 seconds on the clock, and a couple empty plastic cups you have to knock off a table.
  • Jousting: well, you can see what you need to do by the picture.  This one’s the funnest but probably the toughest to explain.  Have an independent party drive the chairs so it’s fair, and the blindfolded person’s teammate can be shouting directions for the one holding the joust so s/he can come closer to the center.  Or, you could always just wear white t-shirts and go head to head, closest to the heart wins.

There’s always a way to make what could be a boring meeting fun.  Plus, who doesn’t love bragging rights for the day when their team wins.

Matt Kane

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