Only During These Hours

Last night I was trying to rent a specific tool from a big box hardware store.  I had called ahead to ensure it was in stock, borrowed a truck to pick the tool and the supporting materials up and checked out at the cashier in the store with the supporting materials I needed the tool rental for. After all that, just as I’m going to wheel everything out of the store, the person behind the desk finally told me that I couldn’t rent the tool because they only do that during specific day time hours.

How many times have you wanted to do something and found out that it’s only done during specific hours. How often have you found that those hours are exactly when you need it.

Now, in this instance I’m not looking for 24 hour tool rental, although judging by the three times I could have used a 24 hour tool rental (floods, emergencies) I think there is possibly an opportunity there, I was just hoping that all parts of a store would be available while the store was open.

In the end, I waited around the store an extra 75 minutes while, after a lot of prodding, an amazing customer service person tried to figure it out. By the time it was over she had figured out how to do the transaction that only this mythical person at a certain desk could do during those certain hours and I had the tool.  Of course, had the store spent 15 minutes to train her on that transaction previously she could have had me out of the store an hour earlier and helped even more customers who have come in ‘off hours.’

The internet has made this a non-factor for many things. However, there’s still plenty of times, and plenty of audiences, where things just can’t be done or aren’t currently being done on the internet.

When’s the last time you asked yourself, what do people want from me at certain times that I’m not giving them?  What else could you train someone else on to cover for you during those times?


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My Top 15 of 2015

Well I wanted to continue the tradition again this year and post my Top 15 of 2015. I loved writing the 14 for 2014 last year and this year was just way too great to stop the tradition. It did become too long though to just paste onto Facebook. I hope you’ll still enjoy it though, even with the length, but really it was just a great exercise for me to digest the whole year.

As I started to build this list I also realized that the first 15 things I wrote down were all related to times I spent and things I did just with my immediate family. So, I’ll keep that list more to myself and re-did it to be broader focused.

Here it goes – in no particular order:

New Habits – I feel like this year I really integrated a couple habits I had been trying to add to my daily routines. Of most note is integrating the app ToDoist into managing my life and all the ways I now use that, and how I consistently use it. One way I use it I’ve really gotten a lot out of this year is adding a weekly task on my to do list where I add highlights and things I’m grateful for from the past week. Looking back on that list now and seeing all the things noted down through the weeks is amazing.   Two other quick notes I feel like I made progress on are integrating a daily health habit (juicing or going to the gym) and continuing to have a more bias for action mindset. One I’m really looking forward to integrating in ’16 is a daily mindfulness or meditation type of practice habit through an app like Headspace or something else. I even have a mindfulness retreat already scheduled.

Action Camp – While ‘running/designing’ a summer camp has been on my life bucket list for years, it took a 10-minute conversation with my co-conspirator in all things, Steve, to make it happen. Within three hours after that conversation we had secured a camp and sent off a deposit – with no other plan than ‘we would figure it out.’ That commitment set off something that has left a lasting impression on others and me. I really can’t even explain camp itself (and the 4 video editors we’ve tried on fiverrr can’t make a decent highlight video – but I’ll keep trying) but Rachel sums up some thoughts here. Most importantly for me, camp was a great lesson in seizing every opportunity, what can happen when you bring great people together, playing big, how to mix fun and learning, and the greatness that can happen from taking action on that thing that I know I’ve always wanted to do.

TEDxJNJ, IRF, Global Summit, xL and everything Creative Engagement – there’s just too much to talk about because I get to work with the greatest people at the Company and get to work on and design what we think is the best thing we could be doing. I even posted about TEDxJNJ last year, and this year was a whole new level of that and all of the things that have now branched out off of that. More of the story in this TEDxJNJ Story as well as our overall Annual Report. Again humbled by the vision of Steve G.. We even had an amazing team follow us around planning this year’s event and it resulted in this hour-long documentary on the work. Helping to build the Idea Responsibility Framework (IRF) is something that was a real highlight as it was going from nothing to something in a short amount of time that’s now benefited thousands of people and it was just the beginning of the next phase which I’m sure I’ll be writing more about next year.

Burning Man – Scratching yet another thing off the major bucket list was great, but it was also great because it was one of the hardest and amazing experiences of my life. One minute I was run down and crying in the middle of the desert and the next I was riding a bike with my feet off the pedals screaming ‘I love this place.’ Wind and sand pelting you in the face all day at 50MPH is no joke. Seeing the art, the happiness and what people create in the middle of harsh conditions is inspiring. Getting to spend time in extreme places with old and new friends is great. You know it was great when you get home and you can’t talk for like 3 days, I can’t wait to go back.

Dinner Parties – It started with a ‘risk’ themed Jeffersonian Dinner party in Vancouver in Feb. that had us all start with sharing stories of big risks we’ve taken and since then it seems that 2015 was the year of the dinner party.   Whether it was having our neighbors over for dinner, going away dinners for colleagues, catching up with Lenzini in Philly, Vanore in Vegas, and even Steak Club I’ve loved grabbing dinner with folks this year and having great food and conversation. Date night sushi dinners were the best though. That first dinner party this year is also where I finally learned how to sabre champagne. That could be a whole item on it’s own since it’s now become an obsession.

Humbling Moments – I love when a story or moment reminds me about my place in the world. This was a particularly important one to me this year. It’s the eve of our biggest event of the year. We’ve been working extremely hard for months planning a great experience and now it’s here. We’ve been on site working for a day or so already, it’s 10pm at night day 2 of 5 and everyone, including me, is pretty damn tired and also feeling pretty good about ourselves because what we’ve created. Then, I get a text and a facebook link to a news story about a great friend Joe. Joe’s a police officer in the town next to the one we’re holding the event in and earlier that day a woman threw a baby off a bridge into the water and Joe got the call on the radio and immediately sprang into action. Within minutes he had spotted the baby 700 yards down river and pulled the baby out and gave it CPR, bringing it back to life. In that moment I stopped what our teams were doing and told them the story. Everyone was energized to go back to work. In those moments where I think what I do is hard, I think of the stories I’ve heard from Joe over the years and the work that he and his fellow officers do. Needless to say, I have an extremely easy job in comparison.

Becoming an HR Person – Starting a new role in a new function (my fourth major function in my years at JNJ) was exciting, but it got even better as the year went on and we got to build all types of new programs (like our xL program for changemakers around the company) and redefine what we wanted to work on in our group. Sometimes taking the leap into a new function, place, role is exactly what you need.

Getting Back to Global Travel – In my first couple years at JNJ I got to travel internationally a bit then starting doing more and more vacations overseas. I haven’t really done so in a while and didn’t realize that I missed it. Getting to do it for work this year to some really far off places reminded me that 1) I do love getting to see new places and 2) I do really miss home after the first couple days. I hope some travel continues, but not necessarily at this pace and length. I am trying to figure out some new places for next year though so that’s exciting. As Mark Twain said “travel is fatal to narrow-mindedness” and it’s been a mind opening year.

Kindergarten – Z man starting kindergarten meant getting to see his prev. school’s graduation pic (which was pretty freaky because he looked so grown up), him getting to now take the bus (which lead to getting to know the neighbors more), and him starting in a new school he’ll be in for a while. It’s so much fun to watch the kids grow up.

Paddleboarding – For the first 20 or so times I went paddleboarding this summer I fell every time, all the time. Then it just clicked (equipment change) and by the last half of summer I could stand up the whole time. Even when I was falling there was something perfect about being out in the ocean, far enough away from the breaking waves of the shore, in the early morning when no one is on the beach. The feeling of being a part of nature, while also feeling incredibly small compared to the ocean is enlivening. Also feeling like I was doing something healthy inspired me to focus more on my health since the middle of summer, which has led to some good results.

Captain Penny of BizTravLandia – there is nothing more soul wrenching than long travel for work and leaving your family behind. I’m not one who is good at getting the standard family gifts too when I travel so I was elated when I came up with (hopefully) a better alternative. After finding some cool, heavy iron, antique looking keys in a flea market in Antwerp I thought about mailing them to the kids with a note from an imaginary Treasure Hunter named Captain Penny who was trying to find the lost treasure of BizTravLandia. She needed the kids help to keep the keys safe from the bad guys trying to steal the treasure. The kids seemed into it (not as much as me probably) when the box arrived a week or so after I got home and we read her note aloud. On my subsequent trips I went to look for things that could be part of this mythical treasure hunt and wrote letters as Captain Penny explaining them to the kids. I’m hoping to keep this going for at least a bit longer on new trips and it’s really made me feel connected to them when I’m away. Thankfully they’re still young enough to not get that it’s just me.

Arts & Crafts – they keep the kids busy, they’re exceptionally cheap at stores like AC Moore and seeing how the kids have evolved in making arts & crafts and seeing their creativity expand is amazing. More importantly, arts & crafts is also how Z man found a new best friend this year and seeing how they love playing together is a very cool thing to witness as well.

Working with my hands not on a keyboard or touchscreen – Compared to the last few, I feel like this year I also got back to doing more things that let me work with my hands in a different way. Got some DIY type projects done around the house (although lots more on the slate for ’16), built a couple cool things with/for the kids, rigged up a fix for my air ducts, and even cooked out over an open fire with the kids a couple times in the backyard. I can answer 1,000 emails and go to 100 meetings in a day and feel a sense of completion, but not a sense of completion like cooking something on a fire I built or sawing and drilling wood to make something that takes up physical space.

Fun – I pretty much have fun with everything but there’s been some really great things this year to call out like: Vegas with Team Eric, Pie Face, the drum corps at DEB and getting them to come play at work, getting a pizza delivered to a moving Amtrak train, the Ratz restaurant sing-along, the anticipation of waiting for Star Wars, my high school reunion, making the basement even more fun and just hanging there at home. A really special fun one was one of the greatest thank you’s I’ve ever received. Another fun project was turning five years of every day blog posts on the kids site into coffee table books. There’s something awesome about seeing five years of posts in physical form. Most of all, the shore this year was outstanding!

More Art – I feel like I deepened my appreciation for the arts this year. I know how powerful it is to expose yourself (and kids) to the arts (general term for all types of art) and so I’m excited that this happened more this year. More plays and performances with the kids, an art immersion at Burning Man, meeting an amazing artist I just got to know at Summit at Sea, getting to see various other amazing performances, and making progress on some ideas that will come to fruition in the future. I even have a recurring task on ToDoist that poses the question “how can I get exposed to the arts even more.”

There’s so much more and many I missed, but this is already a book. But hey, it should be a book – it’s about an entire year and when you focus on the positive and good there is plenty of positive and good stuff to talk about. I can’t wait till next year and hope to read your list very soon. Let’s make awesome stuff together in 2016.


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Millions of Hours of Work on Display

At this year’s TED conference I was incredibly moved watching an impromptu artistic performance by Bill Jones, Joshua Roman and Somi. When the host of that session, June Cohen, returned to the stage she articulated the reason many of us were so moved by saying “that’s what happens when you watch people actually doing what you feel like they were put here on earth to do.”

Since that experience at TED I’ve happened to feel that same thing watching performances by the Orchestre symphonique de Montreal and the Philly Pops Orchestra. What’s really intrigued me about those experiences is thinking about what I’m actually getting to experience.

It’s not only about watching people do what you may think they were put here on earth to do, but it’s also about the combined amount of effort, practice and preparation that is on display.  Getting the privilege to watch these performances is getting to watch millions of hours of hard work channeled into something amazing.

How many hours per day and days per week has Bill Jones been perfecting his craft for more than 40 years?  How many hours has Kent Nagano from the OSM spent directing musicians and perfecting the performances he can obtain from them?

The Philly Pops concert had 325 performers on stage at one point.  If you took an average amount of hours of practice per day, by week, by an average number of years it’s roughly 6.3 million hours of practice and craft summarized in a 90 minute performance.

6.3 million hours.  How many hours are you willing to invest in your next project?

-Matt Kane

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Not Getting the Job

A little over a year ago I was turned down for what, at the time, appeared to be a dream next role.  I had progressed through countless final interviews and had conversations that seemed like it was almost a no brainer that I would get that or another job in this particular org. that I was excited to join.  When I finally got the note that they were going with another candidate (who is also amazing) I had those typical feelings of being upset, feeling a loss and that too common sentiment in these situations of ‘…but I was so close.”

Looking back a year later I realize it was one of the greatest things that ever could have happened.

If I had been offered that role and accepted, it would have been an amazing year at an amazing place.  However, it would have never let me be open to all the even more amazing things that happened after initially getting turned down.

This past year has been ridiculously amazing – which is my highest form of compliment.  Not getting that other job left me open to being able to accept a different role. It set me on a path of being able to do things this past year that would have never of happened if I was in the other place.  It allowed me to start and do things this year that will have everlasting effects. More importantly, it also helped me remember and continue to reinforce the mindset that opportunities are everywhere and not getting a certain one only allows others to come into your life.

Yes, that other role would have been a great opportunity, but I had a chance to turn whatever was next into a great opportunity as well. It was just a decision to keep looking for the next positive.

What’s the next positive for you?  Instead of dwelling on what didn’t happen recently, what can you make happen next.

-Matt Kane

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Declutter Day

Last week I was listening to one of the Ask Altucher podcasts and James and Claudia mentioned how they recently decluttered their home and how great it felt.  Inspired, I decided to put ‘declutter’ on my calendar and spent a couple hours sprinting around various spots in my house getting rid of things.

It was amazing.

Here’s why:

  • Opening & going through cabinets and drawers that don’t usually get opened not only helped me find stuff to get rid of (donate, throw away, re-purpose, give to someone else), but also reminded me of things that I had that in some ways I forgot about.  You will find stuff hidden throughout your home that re-inspires you.
  • Going through old books (I have (had) a LOT of books throughout my house) gave me the chance to check the notes / sentences I underlined in those books and reminded me of some of the valuable lessons in them.
  • Deciding which books to migrate to the kindle now gives me much quicker / always with me access to those books instead of on shelves.
  • Donating the books I decided to move to kindle, or that I could do without now, gave me the opportunity to bring about 150 books to the local library.
  • Donating toys we no longer use freed up a bunch of space for more running around within the house for my kids.
  • Decluttering my closet gave me the chance to donate about 2 bags of clothes and not have to now struggle to get everything on to the hanging closet rod.
  • Taking 4 car loads of stuff to the dump that wasn’t donate-able, and knowing it was now out of my house actually made me feel lighter. Plus, there’s a lot more room in various places throughout the house too. (and yes, I had/have a lot of random stuff)
  • Decluttering my physical environment led me to start to declutter my digital environment and habits as well.  Deleting old accounts, closing down random old sites, and organizing my digital files better – between four computers – is making it easier to do work.

What could you declutter?  What’s weighing you down?


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Ideas Every Day – 2013 Edition

In 2013 I decided to post an idea every day.  It was a lot of fun, and got my everyday writing muscle in nice shape.  To help kickstart the notion of everyday back into my mind, I decided to post the list of the ideas.  Mostly, it’s just fun to see which ones are completely ridiculous, and which one(s) might seem even more desirable today.

I’m also a much bigger fan of James Altucher’s 10 ideas per day now too, so while I haven’t been posting the idea every day, you can bet there’s been a lot more than 1 per day.

Here’s the list:

1 Disappearing Confetti
2 Instagram Meets TV
3 Ingredient Transparency in a Picture
4 Vibrating Nike Fuel Band
5 New Pool Table
6 Page A Day Photo Book
7 Disposable Fireplace Inserts
8 Tissue Box Made of Tissues
9 Checkout by Weight
10 Inspiration Breaks
11 Automated Resume
12 Sneakers That Generate Power
13 Office Chair Sensors
14 The Crowdsourced TV Show
15 Corn Field Demolition Derby
16 Fashion Feedback App
17 Peeled Orange Storage Unit
18 Reverse Fee Gym
19 The Money Charging Fridge
20 Intelligent Baseboards
21 Focused Parent App
22 NYE Resolutions Check In Day
23 Sneakers in the Washing Macine
24 Disgusting Soda Tablets
25 Better Conference Rooms
26 Produce Drawer Alarm
27 Text and Driving
28 A Better Conference Room Booker
29 Automatic Web Favorites
30 The Scrolling, Clicking and Navigating Shoe
31 Oven Scents
32 Tax Insights Scanner
33 Real Time Public Speaking Feedback App
34 The Tweet Scanner
35 Patent by Cell phone
36 Brainstorming App
37 Framing App
38 No infectious Teddy Bear
39 Nesting Lounge Chairs
40 Reversible Fire Hydrants
41 Re do the fire alarm.
42 Bars made out of power charging mats
43 More Sustainable Hotel Soap
44 Crowdsourced TV Remote
45 Disposable Keyboard Covers
46 Car Damage Remote Sensor
47 The Play-Doh Freshness Keeper
48 Used Kid Toys Hospital Donation & Kids Play Zone
49 The Better Baby Monitor & Request Button
50 The Sunday to Thursday Workweek
51 The Convertible Swimming Pool & Ice Skating Rink
52 Automatic Labeling in Gmail
53 Cell Phone Oil Absorbing Wipes
54 Recyclable 3D Printing Materials
55 The Kickstarter for Neighborhood Holiday Decorating
56 Stairway Slide
57 Mattress Cleaning Service
58 Re-usable Doggie Bag
59 Uber for Workspace
60 One Version Files
61 Air Writer
62 Flow Prep Checklist
63 Microphone Music Enhancer
64 Airport Gate Announcement Text Notification
65 Gilligan’s Island Travel Agency
66 The Car Desk for Driverless Cars
67 No Helium Balloons
68 SXSW Concierge
69 Powerpoint Slide Highlighter or Magnifier
70 The Open Floor Plan Survival Kit
71 BYOD Varification Service
72 Regenerative Energy Phone Cases
73 Movie Filters
74 Waterless Waterballoon Fights
75 The Fridge Drink Maker
76 Carry On Bag Reservation
77 The Meeting Attendee Map & Geo Locator
78 The Question Recorder
79 Checkout Lane Charity Items
80 An Energy Drink For Meeting
81 Meeting Socks
82 Food Menu Crowdsourcing For Meetings or Confrences
83 A Bang With Friends and Uber for Carpooling
84 Bracket Business
85 Bat Signal Drone Advertising
86 The CO Inspection SWAT Team or Agent
87 Square Footage By Picture App
88 The Ceiling Fan Dust Collector
89 Time Lapse Video Reviews & Recommendations
90 Grass Colored Easter Eggs
91 The Monday Assistant
92 Rap Genius Meets Corporate Annual Report or Presentations
93 Walking Down Memory Lane With Google Street View
94 The Article Searcher
95 The Family-Sourced Book Builder
96 New House Services
97 The Profile Picture Finder
98 The Company Case Study Library
99 GPS Route Optimization
100 The GPS Power Song
101 Hackathons For People
102 GitHub For Org Charts
103 The Auto-Reply LinkedIn Feature
104 The Fingernail Biting Sensor App
105 Family History Wallpaper
106 Literary Analytics
107 The Parent & Child Meltdown Checklist
108 Beg Forgiveness Cards
109 Failure Awards
110 Front Yard Neighborhood Gardens
111 Neighborhood Based Home Cooking
112 Take Your Cousins to Work Day
113 The Conference or Training Resume Blurb
114 The Plug-in Discoverer
115 Noise Canceling office Wall Add-ons
116 Child Proximity Bracelets
117 Ongoing Domain Auction
118 Solar Screens
119 Cardboard Fort Moving Box Kits
120 Sore Drinks
121 The Ticket Map
122 Fence Advertising
123 Property Address Domain Names
124 Shower Head Timer and Water Saving Game
125 Shoe Baggies
126 Neighborhood Laptop & Phone Coaches
127 The Hard Question Finder
128 The Signal Blocking Projector
129 My 90th Birthday
130 The Pacifier Removal Kit
131 The Nest Thermostat Yard Sign
132 The Clothes Cleaning Closet
133 Quiet Flip Chart Paper
134 Automatic Facial Gesture Monitoring
135 Watch Me Work Videos
136 The Disappearing Meeting Table
137 Sugar Packet Games
138 Personal Info. Detector
139 The ‘Are We There Yet’ Mileage Countdown
140 Restaurant Telepresence Dinner Meetings
141 Student Learning Profiles
142 Online Competitions for Work on Your House
143 Office Trash Can Notifications
144 Motion Sensor Privacy Windows
145 Blood Donations During Doctors Office Visits
146 Building With Beer
147 Renovation TV Show Designer Marketplace
148 TV Show Tip Catalog
149 Digital Calendar & Photo Frame
150 The Business Trip Bus or RV
151 A Better Connected Pen
152 Co-Working Restaurant Spaces
153 Personal Workspace, Big Box Homestore
154 Traffice Notifications, With Thresholds
155 Washing Machine Texts
156 The Repeat Scanner
157 Better Drywall
158 Pay With High Five
159 Emergency Debris Removal Sign Up
160 The Beeping Lifeguard Chair
161 Cube Grenades
162 Bulk Umbrella Rental for Events
163 Nest For Attic Fans
164 Sun Pattern Simulator for Google Maps
165 Automatic Traffic Texts From Waze or Google Maps
166 The “Why Am I Here” Score
167 Bed Sheet Teepees
168 Underwater Visibility Swim Shirts
169 City Planner Games
170 Roller Disco Parties
171 LinkedIn Profile Consultant
172 One Year Funding
173 The Cause Promoter
174 Work Spas
175 Sports Equipment Drop Off Bins
176 Wedding Best Practice Sharing
177 Bulk Travel Guides
178 Privacy Filter For Notepads
179 Simplicity Consultants
180 Group or Multi-Family Vacation Planner
181 The Instant Cafeteria Survey
182 The Talk Me Out of It Site
183 The First 5 Hours of Learning Guide
184 Grammarly for Buzzwords
185 Playground or Playhouse Salvage
186 Incantation Breaks
187 Notification Clocks
188 Automatic Records Retention File Management
189 Water Conservation Promo Packs
190 Season Pass Calendar Updates
191 Good & Bad Meeting Videos
192 Anonymous Dinner Voting
193 Phone Charging Belt
194 Pinterest Idea Build Kits
195 Construction Permit Concierge
196 Random Acts of Powerwashing
197 6 Pack Russian Roulette
198 House Painting Ambush
199 Home Toilet Tracker
200 Audio Recording Cupcakes
201 Bathroom Stall Vacancy App
202 Game Console Sharing
203 Carpet & Floor CLeanliness Tester
204 Vacation Dinner Services
205 Sand Free Bathing Suits
206 Motion Sensor Ceiling Fan
207 Vacation Home Donations
208 Instant Meeting Feedback
209 Online Learning Team Building Platform
210 Automatic Lifeguards
211 Restaurant Kits For Kids
212 3 Second Commercials
213 Your Family’s Documentary
214 Better Recorded Messages & A Little Inspiration
215 Automated Impossible Family Portraits
216 Hotel Deal Makers
217 Customer Complaint Growth
218 Business Boot Camps
219 Maslow Hierarchy Surveys
220 Cardboard Donations
221 Vegas Insurance
222 Water Bottle Keyboards
223 Improved Car Audio Handling
224 Annual Birthday Gift Subscriptions
225 Workday Countdown Clock
226 Vacation Countdown Clock
227 Transparency Punishment
228 Personal Air Seat Space Auctions
229 Single Monitor, Multi-Computer Feed
230 911 Buttons
231 Healthy Mattresses
232 Self-Pruning Plants
233 Pinterest or houzz 3D Tours
234 Auto Presentation Clean-up
235 Jacuzzi Tub Inserts
236 Picture Rotating Service
237 Ordering Drinks by Text
238 Personal Book Search
239 Keep the Change Program Extensions
240 Brain Games
241 Etsy for Electronics
242 Side Conversation Scoreboard
243 USB Ports on Laptop Power Cords
244 Outlook Voice Record Button
245 Dinner’s Ready Buttons
246 Accessible Technology Demo
247 Office A/V Interns
248 Google Glass Name Reminder
249 Google Glass Laptop Replicator
250 Holiday Package Inserts
251 In-Office Balloon Printing
252 A Sharing Game
253 The Neighbor’s House Tour
254 Powerpoint Voting
255 Fridge Motivation
256 Flight Price Date Comparator
257 Exploding Chair Cushion
258 Real Time Football Conversation Starters
259 Twitter for Quotes
260 Skill Based Job Listings
261 Trick or Treat Maps
262 Rooftop Theme Park
263 Lego Picture Builder
264 The Better Airplane Mode
265 Auto-Adjusting Headphones
266 Secret Room Builders
267 Learning Journals
268 Costume Classes
269 Sign Recycling
270 Job Description & Resume Matcher
271 Alphabet Lego Kits
272 Donation Bins At Your House
273 Evernote in School
274 Better People Locator
275 Kids Wake Up Button
276 Flexible Hot Tub Jet Arms
277 Bach-iversaries
278 Cats Meow for Babies
279 Github for Research
280 Ticket Sales by Picture
281 Daily School Photographers
282 Christmas Tree Recycling
283 Decoration Storage
284 Solar Clipboards
285 23andMe Consultations
286 Auto Unsubscribe
287 Better Kid’s Toy Packaging
288 Pumpkin Alarm
289 Self Improvement Days
290 Sprinkler Maps for Lawns
291 The Coffee Cup Metric
292 Re-purposing Old Network Jacks
293 Auto Word Count for Presentation Slides
294 New Word for Entrepreneur
295 Passport Reports
296 Google Glass Public Speaking Helper App
297 Bluetooth Seat Belt Monitor
298 Self Vacuuming Carpet
299 Cardboard Maze Kids Party
300 Meeting Room Pictures
301 Meeting Etiquette Ratings
302 Corporate PechaKucha
303 New Version of RACI
304 he 2 People per Answer Rule
305 Fireplace Glow Sticks
306 Pepper Taste Birdseed
307 Re-Wired Healthy Vending Machines
308 The One Person Agency Pitch
309 The Virtual Mommy’s Bed
310 Children’s Imagination Books
311 Seat Monitors
312 Educational Auto Signatures for Email
313 Clapping Gloves
314 Annoying Email
315 Automatic Trash Can Compactor Lid
316 Spreadsheet Cell Magnification
317 Recycled Bottle Eyewear
318 White Board TVs
319 Pill Bottle Timers
320 Color Change Deodorant
321 Home to Airport Flight Countdown Timer
322 Magnetic Walls
323 An Idea to Get a Job in Digital
324 Light Socket Fans
325 Remote Holiday Lights
326 Black Friday Line Savers
327 Neighborhood Wishlists
328 Color Changing Cell Phone
329 Replacing the Family Gift Exchange
330 Eye Workouts
331 Orange Wednesday
332 Automatic Meeting Starter
333 App Store Management
334 Funny Quitting Stories
335 Door Knob Automator
336 Warning Tires
337 SPAM Regular Postal Mail
338 3D Printer Ice Scuptures
339 Re-usable Paper
340 Side Conversation Alarms
341 Power Charging Conference Table
342 Unsubscribe Police
343 Personalized Lego MiniFigs
344 Disposable Bathroom Rugs
345 Magnetic Lightbulbs
346 Celebrity Accountability Tracker
347 Smoke Evacuation Ducts
348 Jars of Sand Shop
349 Musician Maker Gloves
350 Trampoline Bed
351 Flip Flop Repellent
352 Vacuum Seal Carry On Luggage
353 City Bird Cleaning Crew
354 Hotel Room Window Maps
355 Airline Gate Stand Up Comedians
356 Home Air Vent Remote Management
357 Kickstarter to Fund Challenges
358 Fitbit Connected TV
359 DonorsChoose for Families
360 Tilting Ceiling Fans
361 The Must-Do Card
362 Facts vs. Resolutions
363 New Year’s Eve 2015 Guest List
364 100 Decisions Habit Creator
365 Do Something for a Year
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How To Come Up With More Ideas – Part 2

Here’s part 2 in a probably never-ending series of thoughts around how to come up with more ideas.  Part 1 talked about doing it more, and this post is about a vital fact key to having more ideas.

The fact is: the more ideas you take in, the more you’ll give out.  Every idea you see, hear, feel, taste, do, and touch all have impressions in your mind that can influence your ability to generate new ideas.  That being said, everything that exists was at one time an idea, so a simpler way to say it is to just experience more.

Someone who has only ever eaten white rice will have a harder time coming up with a new flavor of ice cream than someone who has experienced every fruit in the world.

See, hear, feel, taste, do and touch more and you will be able to generate more.

Matt Kane

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