Matt W. Kane

Genius Zone

by Gay Hendricks

The Essential First Step

Your genius is discovered by looking closely into what you most love to do.

Think of the all over satisfaction you feel when you eat the perfect amount of a food you love. Think of the sweet body sensations you feel when you wake up after a good night of sleep and give yourself a big stretch. In my experience, the whole-body joy of living in the genius zone is just like that. I can’t help but think it’s bound to catch on.

Commitment is what we’re talking about. It took me a long time to learn a simple truth about life: all successful self-change begins with heartfelt commitment. In other words, we get what we’re committing to get out of life.

Mastering the genius move

Anytime you are unhappy, you are thinking about something you cannot possibly change or control.

Freeing up mind-space for genius to emerge

the only way to change negative thinking begins with acknowledging that you have no control over it