The Personal Development Commute

Activities like reading books and learning new skills are usually some of the first things to fall off someone’s to-do list. Unfortunately, they are also the very things that can change our lives. In relation to that, I often hear and have previously given the excuse of ‘I don’t have enough time.’ The trick then is finding some time that you’re already spending and making it more productive and efficient.

For instance, when I do go into our office, I have a long commute in the car. Well, luckily years ago I decided that I would use this, as Tony Robbins calls it, NET (No Extra Time) to do something productive.

Through books on tape, CD and now iPhone I have ‘read’ hundreds of personal development and other books while I’m driving to work. I’ve learned Portuguese and refreshed my German language skills while driving the NJ Turnpike. I’ve picked up skills on how to do DIY projects around the house while driving to the shore. The possibilities are endless.

The newer world of podcasts has opened up an entire new content universe of learning where I get to spend my commute listening to knowledge that is unparalleled. Podcasts have been the biggest change in my personal development commute in the last ten years. Check them out.

Next time you think to yourself, I don’t have time to learn X,Y,Z pull over your car, open some video on youtube and listen to it through your car as you travel.


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