Only During These Hours

Last night I was trying to rent a specific tool from a big box hardware store.  I had called ahead to ensure it was in stock, borrowed a truck to pick the tool and the supporting materials up and checked out at the cashier in the store with the supporting materials I needed the tool rental for. After all that, just as I’m going to wheel everything out of the store, the person behind the desk finally told me that I couldn’t rent the tool because they only do that during specific day time hours.

How many times have you wanted to do something and found out that it’s only done during specific hours. How often have you found that those hours are exactly when you need it.

Now, in this instance I’m not looking for 24 hour tool rental, although judging by the three times I could have used a 24 hour tool rental (floods, emergencies) I think there is possibly an opportunity there, I was just hoping that all parts of a store would be available while the store was open.

In the end, I waited around the store an extra 75 minutes while, after a lot of prodding, an amazing customer service person tried to figure it out. By the time it was over she had figured out how to do the transaction that only this mythical person at a certain desk could do during those certain hours and I had the tool.  Of course, had the store spent 15 minutes to train her on that transaction previously she could have had me out of the store an hour earlier and helped even more customers who have come in ‘off hours.’

The internet has made this a non-factor for many things. However, there’s still plenty of times, and plenty of audiences, where things just can’t be done or aren’t currently being done on the internet.

When’s the last time you asked yourself, what do people want from me at certain times that I’m not giving them?  What else could you train someone else on to cover for you during those times?


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