Letting the Big Picture Stop You

Last week, on two separate occasions and for two different reasons, I was asked to thoroughly explain how the tasks different people were being asked to do were connected to a bigger picture or master plan. While on many occasions this makes total sense, I believe in these two situations the people were really just using this as a way to escape from actually doing the work.

Sometimes you just have to start the task or project and get work done.

Finding new and more creative ways to try and stop yourself from getting work done, by making it seem like you’re just trying to be strategic, is only hurting your progress. In certain cases, you just have to believe that the person asking for the work understands the higher purpose, sometimes you just have to remember what was talked about for the higher purpose at the beginning of the journey, and sometimes you have to just call bulls&^t on yourself and realize if it’s a hiding tactic.

Climbing the tree and ensuring you know you’re headed in the right direction is important, but being on the ground and chopping through the woods efficiently and effectively is also important.  Know which role you play on the team and when you just want a break from chopping, that’s when the real magic happens if you can push through.


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