Being Fulfilled One Task At A Time

Over the last decade I have been a crew member at Tony Robbins events around the US volunteering in various positions and helping out with whatever was needed. One of the most favorite parts of what I get to do as crew is be a member of the fire team that is in charge of logistically creating the fire walk experience for participants.

Creating the physical part of a fire walk involves an enormous amount of hard labor that takes place over two days outside in whatever weather is happening at the moment.  I have put together wheelbarrows in the snow, carried water soaked mats of grass in the rain, and swept parking lots for hours in the sun.

No matter where or when I’ve been a part of fire team over the last decade, I’ve never heard anyone complain or criticize about the amount of work. In fact, there are always more people wanting to be on the team to do that work than there are spots available.

During one particularly great reflection session with the team after we were done cleaning up we started to uncover why. Why are people so fulfilled, so happy, and so energized by whatever is being asked of them?

Yes, there is a sense of mission that happens being a part of such a great overall experience for thousands of participants, but it’s much simpler than that. People feel immersed and elated in their work because they’re singularly focused, and not multi-tasking.

When you’re putting together a wheelbarrow, that’s all you’re thinking about in that moment.  Later, when you’re unrolling mats of grass to form a part of a fire walk line, you’re immersed in that grass on that lane. When you’re in charge of ensuring there’s no debris that can get on someone’s foot in a parking lot, you’re sweeping and not worried about doing anything else.  Being single focused and accomplishing that thing gives you a sense of joy. Going on and only focusing on the next one allows you to become happily lost in the sensation of being focused.

Single-tasking is not only more efficient, more effective and more productive, it’s also more fun and fulfilling.


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