Catching Up

It’s been about six weeks since the Year of Ideas Every Day ended.  In some ways I miss posting up an idea or so everyday, and on the other hand, I like that not doing it will more than likely get me back to writing more traditional posts like were more frequent before starting the daily ideas series.

Soon I’ll write up a synopsis and insights on what I learned doing Ideas Every Day. In the meantime, I’ve been posting those type of ideas over on Betterific.  It’s a great site, with some great people running it, and a strong community.  I got a chance to work w/ one of the founders in some light brainstorming session on the future of the site and they have a lot of great stuff going even if you’re a Company trying to figure out how to leverage something like that.  Plus, I just won a year’s supply worth of Reddi-wip from one of their idea contests sponsored by Reddi-wip – so you know the site has a place in my stomach… oh, I mean heart.

Well, I have a whole folder worth of topics I’ve been putting to the side over the last year and am excited to get back to various types of posts.  If you’re looking for some of those style posts, just go back before Feb. of 2012.  If you wanted all the IED series standalone, just use this filter.



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