Ideas Every Day #364 – 100 Decisions Habit Creator

Take out a blank piece of paper, about the size of a business card or index card.  Whatever size you know you will carry around in your pocket / purse or whatever everyday.

Now write the numbers 1-50 on the front and 51-100 on the back.

Now pick a goal you’ve been trying to obtain and make sure it’s stated in the positive as something you can track.  For instance, if you want to ‘not eat candy’ turn that into ‘eat something healthier’ or ‘decline a piece of candy’.

Now, every time you actually do that action, cross out a number on your card, starting with the number 1.

Chances are, by the time you get to crossing off number 100, you’ll probably be so used to doing the right thing you won’t even want to go back to the opposite.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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