Ideas Every Day #363 – New Year’s Eve 2015 Guest List

Sit down and imagine you’re having a dinner party for New Year’s Eve 2015.  Who do you want at that dinner if you could have anyone in the world.  Who are the most important people there and what would you talk about?  Who would you want to celebrate with?  Who would you be grateful for being around for the next year all the way up till that party?  Who would have helped you with something that you want to thank there? Who would you have helped that you want to see show up there and see the outcome of that help?

The best time to write down the list for NYE 2015 is now. The best time to start working on making sure that group of people are actually there over a year from now is also right now.  Start and keep it up for the next year and see who’s ready to come to your party.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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