Ideas Every Day #359 – DonorsChoose for Families

In high school I used to go out on Christmas Eve and deliver toys to families in need as part of our school’s Operation Santa Claus program.  It was probably some of the most defining, amazing, important, and rewarding days I’ve spent in my life.

In trying to keep that tradition alive over the years it has been harder and harder to be able to identify families that are truly in need and may not be able to provide a Christmas ‘experience’ (meal, toys, etc) for their kids.   While there are obviously millions of families in need, it is hard to identify (and verify) them on a micro level and ensure they are specially getting what is provided.

How about combining the process, tech, vetting and etc. of DonorsChoose, with a bend towards individual families in need.

Yes, and…

Merry Christmas,
Matt Kane

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