Ideas Every Day #312 – Educational Auto Signatures for Email

Let’s make the automatic signature on the bottom of your email was much more productive.   All that space where you might be currently telling people not to print your email or that the information is yours or with your fax number is generally useless.

Imagine an automatic way to have the auto signature area at the bottom of your emails populate with educational material about a subject you desired to spread the word on.  What if, within your organization, you could set it up to communicate timely information instead of sending new emails with just that information.  What if the auto signature area was used to help teach a foreign language.

Seems like people are going to interact with that area of your email whether or not they want to.  Why not make it more beneficial and helpful so that those of us who have to read so much email already get exposed to better information.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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