Ideas Every Day #311 – Seat Monitors

It blows my mind that in today’s day and age there still isn’t mass roll out of real-time seat monitoring.   This is where you connect every chair in a facility with a cheap monitoring device like a pressure sensor to know whether or not someone is actually sitting in the chair and when they get up and sit down or move around.

This insight could be invaluable.  Think about restaurants knowing exactly which seats are open/full without relying on a person to go and look/confirm.  Imagine a stadium outfitted with these that could proactively alert concession people that a whole bunch of people in a particular section just got up from their seats.  Imagine a movie theater that would know exactly which seats were occupied so clean up was even faster.  Imagine a school with automatic attendance but also the ability to know and report on how much students fidgeted around in their seats during the day.  Imagine doctor’s offices being able to track patient waiting times better on the waiting room seats so they could better schedule and alert patients to more realistic wait times.

Big data meets your but.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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