Ideas Every Day #310 – Children’s Imagination Books

There are lots of children’s books that are great.  Due to the sheer amount and variety of books available, trying to find a new genre/area of children’s books that hasn’t been explored yet could a daunting task.

One of the approaches to finding a new area could be by simply trying to super simplify the types of books that exist.

So what if there were children’s books series that only had one picture per page, and the pages loosely tied together so that the goal was to get kids to come up with their own stories based on what pictures were being presented.  Yes, so far in my research I haven’t found any of these types of book series.

One of the reasons to get kids to read books is to help with their reading skills.  Imagine if you could develop a whole new line of books specifically to hone their imagination and storytelling skills.

Illustrators unite.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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