Ideas Every Day #303 – New Version of RACI

In a typical week I hear the term RACI way too many times.  At heart, it is a good tool that can be used to help clarify roles and responsibilities and make organizations a little more effective.  Unfortunately, I personally think it has jumped the shark and become something that people throw around all too often, and often mis-use as a catch-all for any type of issue or question on a project or team.

We need a new version of a RACI.  We need something with more emotional and visceral words and usage.  Remember, there is power in simple changes of words and that could spark what you need for your project or organization.  Even simple ideas like – instead of assigning someone to be ‘Accountable’ you made them the ‘Owner.’  Owners have more pride and accountability in their work vs. accountants right?

If nothing else, changing it from a RACI might inject a little more reverance to the process that I think has been lost because of overuse and mis-enforcement.

How would you improve it?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane


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