Ideas every Day #275 – Kids Wake Up Button

What if there was a button in your child’s room and on your phone (since everyone sleeps with their phone next to them) that would help with the wake up process.  Your kid would hit the button to alert mommy or daddy that s/he woke up (or needs a diaper change / etc). If it was in the right window of time, it could then start gradually turning on the lights and/or sending a reassuring recorded message like “I’ll be right there honey.”

If the kid was sleeping in too late (yes, I know this doesn’t happen often enough with little kids like mine, but maybe when they’re older) it would also start the process of waking them up with light, music, maybe even automatically start lifting one side of the bed to roll them out.

Two way communication and automation in kid’s rooms seems like it has endless possibilities.  What would you make the button do?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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