Ideas Every Day #267 – Learning Journals

Do you remember everything you’ve ever learned?  Not the actual specific skill, but just the fact that you learned something at one point.  What if you kept a record of the things you learned, and how, that you could go back to every now and again and review.  Imagine being able to look back on your life in terms of the things that you’ve learned, instead of just the things that happened.

Starting today, write down the things you’re learning and call it a learning journal.  Seems like a great way to keep track of your life, instead of just your regular type of journal.

Also, think about how this could help other people in your life. You want your kids to learn new things.  You also know that setting a good example and demonstrating is the best way to gets kids to do or learn something.  Imagine being able to sit down every week with your kids and walking them through your learning journal and saying ‘this is what I learned this week.’   What would your kids then want to learn from you, and what message would that reinforce to them about learning.  What would they (and you) be putting in their learning journals.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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