Ideas Every Day #266 – Secret Room Builders

I remember the first time I ever saw a secret room in person.  A former mentor was walking me around his new home and all of a sudden he pushed on one of his bookcases and it opened like a door, revealing a big game room.

Immediately I filed that away in my mental Pinterest and have been wondering about how to my own secret room in any place I’ve lived.

Now that I have kids my desire for a secret kid’s room in the house has been amplified because I think it would be so cool for them to have one, and it wouldn’t need to be as big because they’re so small.

Funny thing is though, when you start searching for a secret room builder it gets very hard to find someone with the experience and ideas about how to turn your home into 007’s.  Also, in my experience of working with home builders, not one of them ever asked me if I wanted the secret room option.

If you’re looking for a nice little add-on to your construction business, this could be it.  If you’re a furniture maker, this could be a whole new line.  If you’re a DIY blogger, the designs and idea could be your best series of posts.

This also seems like the easiest marketing job in the world too.  Imagine the title you could put on a business card, and imagine the immediate referrals you would get from anyone that gets to see one of your previous client’s rooms.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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