Ideas Every Day #264 – The Better Airplane Mode

The airplane mode on the iPhone was an interesting setting when the phone first came out.  Never before could you switch off all the outgoing signals and put a phone in local only mode.  Unfortunately, airplane mode hasn’t been improved upon since it was first released.

Here’s a couple quick thoughts for extending the use of airplane mode:

  • have a controllable setting that forces airplane mode to turn on when the battery gets to a certain level.  Thus, always having at least 1 or 2 more calls worth of battery before it totally runs out.
  • have it automatically turn on (and off) when your phone gets to a certain altitude.
  • give certain apps, like calm or insight timer, the ability to toggle airplane mode so the user isn’t distracted in the middle of a meditation.
  • hook airplane mode up to some service at your telecom provider that allows people who call/text your number while your phone is in airplane mode to receive a notification that your phone is in that mode.
  • create a setting (or app I guess) that allows parents to force airplane mode during certain times of the day on their children’s phones.
  • make airplane mode selective to services so I can turn off certain ones like email and push notifications, but not calls.
  • make it so that when you click airplane mode your phone searches for, then downloads the latest content from the sources you’ve set up or that you use regularly so you have the chance to read / review that content while you’re in airplane mode.  This would be really handy for those of us who forget to go download everything we want before getting on an underground train or a plane.

What else would you use airplane mode for?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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