Ideas Every Day #261 – Trick or Treat Maps

Is there a certain house or street in your neighborhood that you know always gives out the best candy at halloween?  Are you new to your area and don’t know where the best place to take your kids trick or treating?  Are you a kid that has a cell phone in her/his pocket and would love to be able to crowd source the best locations for halloween candy in your neighborhood.  Then why haven’t you built out a trick or treat mapping app yet!

A mapping app could help with finding the best candy or being prepared as the homeowner to have enough candy, and it might also be able to help with safety too.  What if your kid ‘checked in’ to every candy location and knew the more crowded places to go so she or he would not venture to remote places that could be dangerous.

What other ways would you crowdsource halloween?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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