Ideas Every Day #255 – Fridge Motivation

How could your fridge motivate you to eat better?

  • Maybe there was a built in LED leaderboard on the front that showed the number of times each person opened the door in a certain time period (day, week).
  • Maybe every time you go to open it you have to watch a 30 second clip from one of the popular documentaries on food like Food Inc, Super Size Me or Samsara.
  • Maybe it just wouldn’t open after a certain number of tries
  • Maybe it would tweet your personal trainer every time any drink but water was picked up.
  • Maybe it would automatically take money out of your account and give it to your least favorite charity if you put bad food in it in the first place.
  • Maybe it would network with your friends’ refrigerators and depending on who stored the best food and consumed the least junk it would shift a pool of money around you all put into a virtual bank.

Your fridge isn’t just for keeping things cold anymore, how could it help you change your life?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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