Ideas Every Day #254 – Powerpoint Voting

Before every Powerpoint presentation you give from now on, do you have the guts to ask your audience to vote on A) continuing with the slides the traditional way or B) forgetting the slides and doing it more conversationally and they can review the slides later if they want?

I hope so.

Of course, you should be designing your slides in a way that they are amazing and actually useful so that people want to see them, but wouldn’t it add another level to how you prepare if you knew you were going to adhere to the group’s vote on that question.

You could also take the Jeff Bezos approach where slides are sent out before the meeting and everyone is expected to have read the slides beforehand and the discussion is really just questions and deeper dive – not you presenting something everyone reads from your slides anyway.

How else could we improve our discussions?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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