Ideas Every Day #253 – The Neighbor’s House Tour

When buying a house there are three famous words that are incredibly important: location, location, location.  Well, part of the formula for that location is the surrounding houses that make up the neighborhood of where you want to buy. Unfortunately, when there is 1 listing in a particular neighborhood you usually don’t have a chance to see what the other houses look like.

What if the neighboring homeowners could list their house for “tour” availability.  A potential buyer would then pay for the ability to tour that house before making a final decision on the house that’s available for actual sale.

I know that in every real estate transaction I have been in I would have jumped at the chance to tour a couple other houses and see how they compared to the one for sale.

Could even be an interesting way for homeowners to generate a little income associated with other people on their street selling their homes.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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