Ideas Every Day #251 – In-Office Balloon Printing

Finding effective ways to breakthrough all of the daily advertisments and communications (emails) a person in an office receives is a daunting task.  There are just too many things that when you put out your next important communication, chances are it gets lost.

Easy fix: develop an in-house balloon printing capability.

Imagine sitting at your desk and someone from the “strategic aerial communications department” drops off a deflated balloon to you.  You have no idea what it says so now you will feel compelled and driven to blow up the balloon, thus now forcing you to interact with the message, and when the balloon is blown up you’ll read the message.

Make it simple to use to where anyone can send a balloon to a colleague just by sending an email (or some kind of internal tweet) to a certain email box with the message and a delivery location.

It may be ridiculous to think a balloon could work, but isn’t it ridiculous to think your regular email will get read among the 1,000 other ones the person received that day?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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