Ideas Every Day #239 – Keep the Change Program Extensions

Bank of America has a great program called Keep the Change(R). Basically every purchase that you make is rounded up and the difference goes into a savings account.  It has been a resounding success at helping people save money into a different account.

Automatic compliance is a wonderful force, the real question is how can you apply the Keep the Change(R) type principles to even better causes.

What if every bad meal you had automatically had a chunk taken out of it and every healthy meal you ate had more put on the plate?  What if every time you took your medication, as prescribed, you gained some kind of credit against your health care costs?  What if you had to run on a treadmill to open your fridge?

Keep the Change has been successful at re-directing some money, how can we re-direct the rest of their lives?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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