Ideas Every Day #235 – Jacuzzi Tub Inserts

I’ve looked at a lot of houses while house hunting.  It seems that 63% of houses on the market have those large corner Jacuzzi style soaking tubs in the master bathroom. OK, I made up the stat, but those corner tubs are everywhere.  While they were once the standard piece of new home design, homeowners with them hardly use them and they take up a lot of precious room.

What if you could design an insert for the corner Jacuzzi tub that made it more practical, more stylish and more functional for your master bath.  Pop in the insert and instantly you could do things like:

  • double your closet organizing space
  • make a fun and functional kids’ waterpark for a child’s bath time
  • gain an in-bathroom aquarium
  • store all those things originally hiding under your bed, with an attractive cover that hides it all
  • donate the space to couch surfers

You get the idea.  What can you think of for an extra bit of square footage in your bathroom.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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