Ideas Every Day #227 – Transparency Punishment

With all of the recent talk of the Government’s snooping on our private data it got me thinking.  If privacy is a right, can we have the ability to take away a person’s privacy based on their adherence to the rules of society.

To that end (and not saying this is a good idea), what if instead of just receiving a fine for committing a crime, a person would lose privacy privileges as well.

It seems as if doing some extra monitoring of people that have previously committed some type of crime seems like a good idea (again, in theory).  I wonder what it would do to deter negative actions if people knew they would be “tracked” after they did it.

If nothing else, I wonder if it could work on a child/teen level of ‘disobey and you have to give us your passwords’ type thing?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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