Ideas Every Day #225 – Workday Countdown Clock

Do you work better under pressure?  Do you feel like you never have enough time at the end of the day and didn’t complete everything you wanted to?

How about starting a big countdown clock when you walk in your office or start your work day and you force yourself to leave or stop working when the clock runs out.

Sure, you’ll probably suck at this for the first few days and not complete everything you want to get done, but I wonder what will happen if you really stick to it.  Parkinson’s Law can be a wonderful thing when you manage the time available correctly.

What if instead of doing this for your day you did it for every task on your to-do list?

Also, I know enough about working styles and the evolution of how work happens that this approach isn’t meant for every type of job, every day, etc.. But, the power of deadlines can be a great thing, and nothing says “deadline” like a big countdown clock staring you right in the face.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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