Ideas Every Day #216 – Hotel Deal Makers

Have you ever booked a hotel online and wondered if you would be able to get a better rate if you checked back a couple days or weeks later or if you took some extra time to call the actual phone number a few times up till the date of your stay and sweet talk the reservation agent?

Sure, there are guarantees that some sites offer that if you find a better rate you will be able to get that rate, but that means you have to tell them that that rate exists by finding out about it.

What if every time you booked an online hotel you could simply forward your reservation confirmation email to a special deal maker that would then go about trying to figure out the best way to lower your rate.   If they were successful, they would get 15-25% of the difference in the savings.

A couple months ago I booked a reservation for a hotel, two days ago I called to confirm and took 10 extra minutes to ask, wait and try and get a better rate  All told, over 4 days, I was able to save $349 dollars just because I took 10 minutes to ask and wait on the phone.   It would have been even if I was able to receive that discount without even having to spend the 10 minutes and being lucky on the timing.

Besides hotels, where else could this type of deal maker / broker work for you?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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