Ideas Every Day #213 – Your Family’s Documentary

I haven’t watched the movie yet, but the trailer for the documentary 56 and Up has me eagerly anticipating getting the chance to sit down and watch a movie.  The premise of the movie also got me thinking about being able to capture my family’s life in a new way, even better than the way I’m over-capturing (maybe) our lives today.

Imagine if you could have an on-going, professionally shot, third party documentation of your family’s life throughout the years.

Here’s some starter ideas on how it would work.  The word Director is used to mean the person in charge of the work over time.  There are some specific types of art that skilled people should carry out (like videography), and it could be the same person, but just wanted to use a generic term like Director in case there were multiple people involved..

  • Directors would sign up clients (families, couples, businesses) and spend 1 day per quarter with them collecting material (video, pictures, questionnaires, audio…)
  • A client would have the same (as most as possible) Director for as long as possible.
  • All materials generated for the client would be owned by and accessible by the client (in case the Director gets hits by a bus/etc).
  • Clients could also give access for Director’s team to all social media outlets to add to the materials repository for incorporation into the work, maybe even a special email address to send stuff to as well.
  • Directors would assemble / edit short 1-year videos, then every five years a longer video.
  • Using automated file formatting, or some other tricks like tagging, automated video creation could be possible like show me all videos of X person during this time.
  • Directors would be able to have guaranteed business booked for the remainder of their business’s life by signing up clients for everyday (maybe 4 days a week) of a quarter.  In this model, this could be a nice size business for someone that generates healthy guaranteed income of  “Rate per Day” * “Days per Week Desired to Work” * “Weeks Per Quarter” * “4 Quarters per Year” * “Forever”.  Example: At 4 days a week of work, with 4 weeks vacation a year that could work out to 96,000 per year at a $500 per day rate.  I’m sure there are plenty of families that would pay $2K per year (just $5.50 per day, like a cup of coffee) to professionally record and showcase their lives.
  • Clients would be able to watch their family evolve over time and clients would get continually more invested in continuing the tradition the longer they participate.

Maybe you give away the first year for free just to get people hooked.  Who would not want to sign up after they see the video you could create after just 1 year (4 days of work).

Could we automate this entire thing?

If this seems like a good idea and you want to get started please give me a call, I’ll happily be your first client.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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