Ideas Every Day #211 – Restaurant Kits for Kids

I like eating out at restaurants, but since my wife and I had two kids it has become a little bit tougher to get out for that occasional meal out.  After going to dinner one  time with my sister and her kids though I realized it could be easier.  I wasn’t doing anything to try and help my kids get through the perils of going to a restaurant (waiting…) and simple things like having brought some activities for the kids to enjoy would make the process better for everyone.

Putting together your own restaurant kit is fun, but packaging one up and selling it as a pre-created item could be a nice small side hustle for someone or a way big brands could do line extensions.

Here’s a couple links (1, 2) to some great example kits I found after thinking of this as a candidate for Ideas Every Day, let’s see if this ever takes off as a stand-alone product. Are you up for it?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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