Ideas Every Day #210 – Automatic Lifeguards

It amazes me how many lifeguards get employed in my region every summer.  It also amazes me how many pools do not have lifeguards present at all times that the pool is open.

instead of relying on having actual people to be your pool’s lifeguards, why not automate the life-guarding process.

Swimmers could wear a simple feedback sensor on their body when they enter the pool and based on real-time biometric and environment feedback the sensor could trigger if someone was in danger.

The sensor could also have a way to let a swimmer alert others that s/he is in danger as well (read this article on how drowning doesn’t usually look like what you think it does.)   Sure, it may not be perfect for swimmers that go in alone, but it would help improve overall swim safety.

How soon till we can get these to be as easy as putting on an adhesive bandage?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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