Ideas Every Day #208 – Instant Meeting Feedback

Were you ever running a half day, all day or multi-day meeting and wanted to be able to get better live feedback about how it was going?   Would you like to receive real time feedback about your performance, without disrupting whatever was happening.  What are some ways you could receive this type of instant feedback, and make it as simple and non-disruptive as possible?

What if you handed everyone a red, yellow and green card at the start of the meeting and asked that at any point in time a participant would put one of the cards on the table to indicate their feelings.  You could even have everyone vote at every break instead.  Maybe it’s an app that people can click their feedback and it gets aggregated to a continuous monitor on your screen.

Incredibly simple ideas, but the start of what could be very powerful and even more elegant ideas to immediately improve your process and outcomes.  The main idea is that you should start to ask for more instant feedback.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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