Ideas Every Day #198 – House Painting Ambush

You know someone in your neighborhood or nearby that would deeply appreciate getting his/her house painted but doesn’t have the money or sense to actually go through with it.  Besides sprucing up the neighborhood and enticing others to improve the outside of their houses too, a fresh update of paint outside also inspires the homeowner to tidy up inside.

So, find a local / semi-local house (or even a completely different area – but coordinate w/ locals) where you know the owner would appreciate a new coat of paint and get a bunch of friends and neighbors together to paint the entire outside of the house, without the owner ever knowing.

Imagine the owner comes home to a newly painted outside.  Imagine someone did that for your grandmom’s house when you couldn’t afford to.

It doesn’t take much to paint the outside of an average house, just watch Extreme Home Makeover.  But, it can have amazing outcomes.  Plus, it’s not work when it’s an ambush and there’s the fun element.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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