Ideas Every Day #195 – Construction Permit Concierge

I have never had a good experience going and getting permits at township offices.  Sure, sometimes it was my own lack of experience, insight and knowledge about what I should have on the application that has caused extra distress in the process but much of the time it’s just the entire process itself.  The fact is that township local offices are set up to process the paperwork, not to coach the person submitting so it is right (that’s a whole different issue than we’ll address here.)

So, why not a service where someone ‘trained’ in the art of submitting various permits comes to your work site, reviews everything, takes the time to talk to you and understand what you need, and makes sure everything is perfect for the submission.

The local office benefits by now getting permit applications that are right every time, and the person applying benefits from having someone do the work for them, who has the expertise and dedicated time.

I used to think this idea would only be good for non-professional people like myself who apply for permits very occasionally.  After sitting outside the permit office recently with 6 contractors all speaking about the same issues I know it would be a service everyone from the professional to the hobbyist needs.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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