Ideas Every Day #194 – Pinterest Idea Build Kits

After searching around Pinterest for a recent kid’s birthday party I found this great idea for a Kid Wash that many folks pinned from this original post.   I was thrilled at the idea of making a little fun thing for our backyard and immediately (with the refined set of plans here) set to work going and getting all of the pieces (here’s a video of my Kid Wash final product).

The Kid Wash came together great (thank you and the kids loved it.  While I will say it was fairly simple to build (since I’ve messed w/ PVC pipe before and am in a Home Depot about 2X per week,) I think there’s a great opportunity here to make it even simpler.

Want to help people bring to life all the cool stuff they see on sites like Pinterest and start a nice little side hustle at the same time? Start putting together packages of the materials needed to make the best ideas and sell them online.

With the kid wash I would have loved to been able to click a link and automatically have all the pre-cut PVC pipe, glue, sponges, string and wacky noodles arrive at my door in one simple box so I could just set it up.  Being charged slightly extra than what the raw cost of all the materials would have been would be an easy decision to live with.

There are tons of great ideas out there just waiting to be simplified for the person who wants to implement them.  What cool thing on your Pinterest board could you make a kit out of, what have you already made you could make a kit out of (here’s the next one I need)?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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