Ideas Every Day #192 – Anonymous Dinner Voting

Did you ever have a group of people, whether work, school or some group that finishes their activity for the day and then someone asks the question “how about we all go get something to eat?”  I’ve noticed that more times than not there then is this odd & awkward couple minutes where some people look around and try to judge whether or not they want to go to dinner.  Some people are just uncomfortable declining an invite from the person who says it, and group think takes over where people only start saying yes because they think the other people are going to say yes.

What if there was a quick way to use phone voting to send the question out to the group, be able to let everyone anonymously reply, then based on the feedback the potential organizer would get a real feel for whether or not the majority of the group wanted to go to dinner or something after the event.

Of course, good hosting manners works here too (like saying – if anyone can’t go, etc) but some people just feel odd sharing their “real” feelings depending on the social situation.

I wonder how many semi-obligatory dinners wouldn’t happen if people had a way to vote anonymously.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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