Ideas Every Day #189 – Water Conservation Promo Packs

I’d like to develop good water saving habits in my children like not letting the faucet run while brushing teeth or being mindful not to let a hose run.  I probably need a couple reminders from time to time as well on how to ensure I’m not wasting water. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find any type of sticker reminder pack I could put near all of the water sources in my house.

What if there were a sheet of vinyl type decals that you could buy and apply all throughout your house on places like the bathroom mirror and shower door.  Small little reminders scattered throughout to keep water conservation top of mind and develop good habits.

You could make versions available for buildings and companies as well.  What company doesn’t want elegantly designed simple ways to save water.

Maybe there’s even a window sticker that shows off your water saving prowess to the neighbors as well (similar to this idea), to get them interested too.

What would your stickers say?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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