Ideas Every Day #188 – Automatic Records Retention File Management

Records retention is the practice of storing, deleting, saving and overall managing all of the records that an organization or person creates.  Depending on the organization or type of work there are very specific guidelines that organizations and individuals must follow in order to comply with regulations.

Manually managing this as an organization is a complex task that requires extensive training for everyone, a records department with staff to manage the process and processes that keep the organization in compliance.

As organizations digitally enable processes and communications the use of digital files continues to grow and creates new issues and opportunities for records management that make it even more complex.

What if an organization could automatically enable records management on every file on its employees computers and email?   This feature would be built in to scan for the types of records needed to be managed by the records management program and enforce the records management schedule by either saving, deleting or archiving files associated with certain programs and/or dates.

How would you help organizations automatically enable records management?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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