Ideas Every Day #186 – Incantation Breaks

Ever since my first visit to a Tony Robbins seminar I’ve been a big believer in the power of incantations.  Incantations are like meditation mantras where you simply repeat something over and over to yourself.

I was recently reminded about the power of incantations while reading a post about Kamal Ravikant on James Altucher’s amazing blog.  Then I started to think about how to seamlessly integrate incantations throughout the day.  One way I tried many years ago came from a small conversation with the author of Chime for a Change.  It worked, but there had to be a modern version.

How about having specific ‘incantation’ channels or modes on sites like Spotify and Pandora that automatically interject guided incantations or meditations throughout the listening experience.  Now you wouldn’t have to remember to take a moment to stop, the service would remind you.

What other types of breaks would you want to interlude throughout the day?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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