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I’ve been known to have a slight lean towards being an impulse shopper.  Instant access to any store on the internet, and being an Amazon Prime member have only exacerbated this tendency.

I need a site / app / chrome extension / whatever that gives me a chance to be talked out of buying something, or queues all of my purchases for three days before it sends the confirmation transaction to the retailer.

Sure, it wouldn’t work when I’m ordering something that I need right away, but maybe those type of things are on a ‘safe list’ that automatically allows the transaction to go right through.  But, for things that are known to be ‘wants‘ vs. needs when I try and purchase it would first send it to somewhere where my friends/whomever could comment on why I should or shouldn’t buy and then I get a couple days holding time for my own senses to kick in before committing.

I’m sure I’m the only one w/ this problem, ha.  If it doesn’t do anything great from an impulse purchase standpoint I’m sure there’s some learnings of things we can implement to help develop a better iteration of social shopping.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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