Ideas Every Day #181 – The Instant Cafeteria Survey

Is anyone, besides the folks at trendy start-ups or tech companies like Google and Apple, ever really happy with their cafeteria menu choices?  Sure, you could “vote” by not choosing to eat lunch there that day, but I wonder if that’s the best way to send a message to the cafeteria staff.  Of course, you could wait till the annual survey they send out, but is annual feedback really any way to try and improve something.

How about putting a panel with 3 buttons right at each food station, or in the checkout line.   Someone walking up to a certain station could immediately click a button that registers how s/he felt about that particular choice, or about the day’s choices overall.  In a few weeks of experimenting the cafe staff could have invaluable data about what was more generally loved or hated by the visitors to the cafeteria.

Immediate feedback systems that can ultimately crowdsource the choices offered.   Seems like a nice way to please your customers.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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