Ideas Every Day #180 – Group or Multi-Family Vacation Planner

A newer summer tradition that my friends and I have been doing for the last few years has been taking a vacation at a beach spot with our families.  It’s great to have the three families come together, in one house, and spend some time enjoying hanging out.  While trying to coordinate some logistics this year I noticed that there doesn’t seem to be great options for multi-family or group vacation planning as part of any of the traditional planning sites.

How about a site that helps plan out a vacation between various users within one master vacation plan?

Some simple features like:

  • shared payment tracking and facilitation (instead of individually pay-paling or sending checks to reimburse the one person who pays the master bill
  • a “i’m bringing” list so each user can document what s/he is bringing so you don’t end up with 3 families all bringing massive quantities of paper towels and no one brought toilet paper (for instance.)
  • an easier way to wish list potential spots for each user to review or vote on which of the actual destinations or lodging choices in that location are the most desired.

Pay attention when you’re planning your next group vacation.  There’s tons of features to add and make it easier for the whole process.  What would you want?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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