Ideas Every Day #179 – Simplicity Consultants

I love finding ways to be more efficient.  In every aspect of professional and personal life I think there is great opportunity to achieve more by finding ways to simplify.  When you take much of the productivity literature that is published and boil it down to its simplest form it seems that the common thread there is simplifying.

So, why don’t we hear the term “simplicity consultant” more?  There’s probably some other names for it “like productivity consultant”, but I think productivity misses some of the possible areas that are ripe for simplification.

Making almost anything simpler allows that person to spend the time on something else that could be more valuable.  If you were to think of yourself as a simplicity consultant in your own life, what areas would you go after?   If you were to think of an area you could help others simplify as a general practice, what would it be.  Hurry, is still up for grabs.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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