Ideas Every Day #176 – Wedding Best Practice Sharing

Planning a wedding can be a fun, but daunting experience.  Once you start planning you find out there are literally millions of places to seek advice, get inspiration and find out some other “thing” that you could/should incorporate into the wedding.  Sites like TheKnot or even Wedding boards on Pinterest are great, but I have yet to see a crowdsourced source of wedding information that is better than the ‘top 10’ sort of posts that don’t show the data behind it.

How about a simple site that takes each and every bit of advice / ‘must do’ part of the wedding and offers visitors a chance to vote on it’s applicability.  Users can then just simply answer their wedding planning questions by reviewing the crowd voted answers.

Sure, everything for the wedding should be a personal preference of the Bride and Groom, but some crowdsourced advice doesn’t hurt.

For instance, you may be wondering if you need to offer wedding favors to your guests.  Wouldn’t you like to know that 69% of folks said yes or no?  If you did already think you wanted to offer favors, wouldn’t it be nice to see that the top 3 favors voted on were A, B, C and see how many actual people voted for each.

Better yet, how about a week by week newsletter model for Weddings.  You input the date of your wedding (like the expected date of birth on BabyCenter) and you get weekly insights into what should be being done/done by that point in the planning process.

What other life events need more specific, data driven advice?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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