Ideas Every Day #175 – Sports Equipment Drop Off Bins

Participating in some sports is very costly due to the equipment requirements.  Also, many kids in school participate in multiple sports so the sports equipment budget can get higher and higher.  Finally, kids grow up fast and outgrow equipment fast, and finding room to store unused equipment in a garage (hockey pads anyone) can be a real pain.  If we can get rid of old clothes as easily as putting them in donation bins in many parking lots, why not the same concept for old sports equipment.

Let’s put “Sports Equipment Bins” near the playing fields of some of these sports and give players an easier way to pass on their equipment.

Maybe there’s even a way to keep it local so that any equipment that gets dropped off on the team’s bin on a certain field is then offered to the next season’s players before s/he goes out and buys new equipment.

What else could we use the donation bin concept for?

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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