Ideas Every Day #173 – The Cause Promoter

The Ronald Davis story was randomly found and supported by a group on Reddit.

The Karen the Bus Monitor story was lucky enough to be spread after being loaded to Indiegogo.

It seems as though there are many people on the Internet that want to help, many that want to find these stories of people that deserve a chance and many of the tools to help them already exist.  Except, there doesn’t seem to be any organized group trying to find those stories and bring them to the general public.

Just like other charities are formed for specific causes, why not start a charity that aims to find deserving causes through the power of technology and then help that cause spread.

You could take some of the platform and principles from other organizations like DonorsChoose and use this new organization to find worthy causes and give them a boost.

We have plenty of firms that promise to promote marketing campaigns for brands (for a fee), how about one that does it as a non-profit for worthy causes.

Yes, and…

Matt Kane

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